Why Coaching? A Leadership Perspective

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Recently, we were having a discussion on the value of training versus coaching with Prosell founder Peter Fullbrook…
Competitive advantage through people has always been a goal of modern leadership and becomes more critical as product and price differentiation narrow. Traditionally, the role of creating more skilful and focused people has been given to HR and training.
Research tells us that classroom training (whether it be real or virtual) is only appropriate for 15% of development needs (Rummler 1995). Not only does this cause concern about the use and abuse of training events, it also raises the tantalising question of what is appropriate if training is not?

Counting the cost of e-mail

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When it comes to e-mail, there is not a lot of things that shock me anymore.
Check out mine in the image of this post, just half way through the day…
Dermot Crowley has seen inboxes with 28,000 e-mails in them. He has seen people who send e-mails to themselves to remind themselves that they need to action an e-mail already in their inbox. He has seen people who have given up and just deleted the lot! But in a recent workshop on e-mail management at one of the big four banks, a participant shared how his team had been involved in a project to reduce the size (and therefore cost) of their mailboxes. All of the support and maintenance for these was outsourced, so the costs involved were very tangible. In the end, by decreasing the size of 100 mailboxes in the team, they have created a saving of $20,000 to $30,000 per year! Staggering! Imagine that across the broader organisation of 22,000 mailboxes. And what about the impact from a sustainability level??
That must be a drop in the ocean though, compared to the actual cost of e-mail in productivity terms. Another recent conversation with a senior management team within a global financial institution uncovered the fact that these senior managers…

Employee Retention – Building the Employer Brand

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We recently had a chat with Lanning – founder of The COI Group about sourcing the right employees
Is this the greatest business challenge of the next thirty years?
For years we have been told that the greatest business differentiator is the quality of the people we employee. Sure, this is important, but is it the greatest differentiator? After all aren’t there plenty of others that are at least as important – innovation, scale, efficiency, quality …
But now, there are several universal trends that indicate ‘people’ will almost certainly be the most important differentiator for the next few decades, and the reason is simple – scarcity.
The western world and to some extent the developing world will find it increasingly difficult to find employees.

Directors Report – The History and Future of Change – Social Innovation

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I begin our first Directors report with two broad sweeping statements:

  1. The History of Change is Social Innovation
  2. The Future of Change is Social Innovation

To understand these two comments that underpin the existence of Total Executive and the knowledge portal we provide executives and their staff, we must first provide a couple definitions;

Innovation – The commercialisation of an idea/invention(1)

Social Innovation – Innovation developed through collaboration with community/society(2)

These definitions are considerably simplified from the definitions provided by Wikepedia below. However, I believe it is important to simplify the definitions right down to theire core – so their full impact on change can be understood.

Let’s first take the impact of innovation on change…

TotalEXEC Views is Launched

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Feel Boxed In??? ‘Total Executive Views’ is the section of our TotalEXEC portal where we display articles, news, reviews and interviews that have received interest by executives and their staff. Subjects covered revolve around the cornerposts of our portal: Leadership Sustainability (All levels – not purely ‘Green’) Responsibility and CSR Technology and Communications Most articles … Continue reading TotalEXEC Views is Launched