Five Proven Sales Tips to Manage Objections

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Many sales have been lost because a sales representative did not know how respond to a prospect’s first objection. The sales representative may either: allow the objection to stand with a “thank you” and a sincere statement of follow-up, or put the potential customer on the defensive with a statement that could seem argumentative. Both choices are bad for business because they do not result in a sale. Often, the objection the prospect gives is not even their true reason for not buying. To get to the real reason, consider the following five sales tips for managing objections.

What They Don’t Tell You in the Recruitment Brochure

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The United Arab Emirates’ rich culture has sustained a strong country brand by creating a delicate balance between Eastern and Western living styles. It strives hard to satisfy the whims and desires of a global community that is magnetized by its tranquility and prosperity in a precarious region of the Persian Gulf. Tourists land with high expectations of unfettered entertainment, professionals arrive with dreams of earning a comfortable living, and businesses strive to establish a solid footprint to benefit from its position as a regional hub.

Helping Employees to Be Healthier: How About a Sweepstakes?

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In a study published last year in the American Journal of Health Promotion, Wharton healthcare management professor Kevin Volpp and three co-authors – Emily Haisley from Barclays Wealth, Thomas Pellathy from McKinsey and George Loewenstein from Carnegie Mellon University – examined one potential method for making small financial incentives more effective: a lottery system that gives teams of employees the chance to increase their rewards by boosting their whole group’s HRA completion rate. The study is titled, “The Impact of Alternative Incentive Schemes on Completion of Health Risk Assessments.

Never ask a flight attendant this…

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“CAN you help my with my bag?”

“I need a Panadol, can you get me one?”

Have you ever asked a flight attendant for something only to be met with an icy stare? We bet you asked them a rather, well, questionable question.

Celebrate what you have achieved, not what you haven’t

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We seem to place so much pressure on ourselves these days with higher and higher expectations, and goals that we never achieve, and then beat ourselves up over. Feeling guilty does not help the situation. It hinders us. Yet when we take a step back to bear witness to our accomplishments we can be quite surprised by our own achievements – they are helping us get to our end goal one small or large step, if not a giant leap at a time.

What Global HR Means for Japan

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The marcus evans HR Japan Summit brought together 15 speakers and 41 delegates to examine how business in Japan is stepping up to meet HR globalization head on. marcus evans is a global media, corporate marketing and information company. The event was chaired by Professor Nobutaka Ishiyama, head of the Graduate School of Regional Policy Design at Hosei University.

Board Snapshot 2015

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Board Connector are conducting new research into the future of boards with the 2015 Board Snapshot. The survey takes only a couple minutes to complete and you will receive the results of the research once complete. You will also receive the full 2014 Australian Board Report Contribute to the 2015 Board Snapshot here and you … Continue reading Board Snapshot 2015

Work/life balance is getting worse, and Australians are suffering for it, study reveals

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Stressed out … A new report says 1 in 10 workers are unhappy with their work/life balance as job insecurity and often unrealistic expectations from mangers drive them to work long hours. Source: Supplied

AUSTRALIAN workers are unwittingly contributing billions of dollars to the national workforce by working 58 million unpaid overtime hours per year, a new study has revealed.

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