Total Executive have a NEW Website

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Total Executive have launched our new website for the communications and marketing arm of our business. View it now here To celebrate the launch of our website we also have a special offer shown here To learn how we can help simply Contact Us Or contact our founder… Kind regardsGrant with meJoin our Total Executive … Continue reading Total Executive have a NEW Website

Why social media has become so important

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Do you have a business profile in any of the social networking sites? These days just having a website is not enough to gain the maximum number of customers. Rules and formulas of the Internet have changed a lot and there is a need to change your online marketing strategies. Marketing through social networking sites is the latest trend. An increasing number of entrepreneurs are creating profiles in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There are loads of advantages of adopting social networking for businesses. Thus, you too should opt for social media marketing.

Innovate? No, we’ll just throw money at the problem

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Over the weekend, I was reminded of the bias that large telco carriers in Australia have towards throwing money at a problem, instead of being innovative.

The case in point on this occasion was Optus’ announcement that it will offer customers up to $200 to pay out their existing termination fees if they switch to Optus and a ‘trade in’ of up to $250 for their old handset if they upgrade.

Interview with Renee Bowker, CEO of the Telco Together Foundation

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This week, Dean Lockwood of Telco7 sat down with Renee Bowker, the Chief Executive Officer of the Telco Together Foundation, to learn more about the fantastic work that the foundation does every day for disadvantaged members of our society and how everyone (including people who are not involved in the telco industry) can help the foundation make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Dean Lockwood: Renee, thank you for making yourself available to speak with me today. 

Renee Bowker: It’s a pleasure. We are really pleased to have been given this opportunity to come to the attention of your readers. 

Dean Lockwood: When people ask you about the Telco Together Foundation, how do you describe it? 

5 Social Media Rules Every Entrepreneur should Know

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Elad Guberman recently published this video on the Total Executive LinkedIn Group Total Executive provide full social media and campaign management services as part of our communication services. Learn more at our new website for our communication and marketing services arm here. Currently we have a special introductory offer available – Learn more and view … Continue reading 5 Social Media Rules Every Entrepreneur should Know

5 steps for a successful executive CV

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I went over to see my Dad on the weekend, to help him out with a number of jobs around the house. He’s in his 80th year, a surprised widower of almost two years, and still my Dad – so my best sounding boards.

We went out on Sunday evening for a pint of cider at a local pub, and got talking about a recent client who I personally coached into employment. The basic statistics were: 4 years unemployed; 2,500+ job applications; 3 telephone interviews; 1 job interview. I got him employed in 30days and 4 job applications.