Would you like to improve your golf game?

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We have teamed up with Total Executive to ensure you will impress your colleagues on any upcoming golf days. Simply go to http://keytogolf.com and use the referral code TOTALEXEC to receive 50% off your golf improvement program. Published by: Chris Beckett on the new TE LinkedIn Group

What will win out in Marketing: Intuition or Data?

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According to old cliches it used to be that marketing people were highly artistic with great imagination to drive their brand through innovative advertising. Now that the old sales cycle has evolved into the buyers’ journey where the majority of decision making has already taken place before the customer is ready to speak to a … Continue reading What will win out in Marketing: Intuition or Data?

5 Conditions for an Overnight Business Success

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Here is one of my favourite allegories, often quoted in corporate storytelling, and for a good reason. It’s powerful!

A man came upon a construction site where three people were working.  He asked the first, “What are you doing?” and the man replied: “I am laying bricks.” He asked the second, “What are you doing?” and the man replied: “I am building a wall.” As he approached the third, he heard him humming a tune as he worked, and asked, “What are you doing?” The man stood, looked up at the sky, and smiled, “I am building a cathedral!”

JFK asked the same question of a janitor at NASA and got this answer:

The 3 P’s of Optimism – How to Tune into Optimism and Happiness

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Are you an optimist? Or a pessimist? … Brian Johnson explains that it’s entirely up to you to choose!I came across this and thought it it will be valuable to our TE Community This 3-minute video is an excellent breakdown of how our “explanatory styles” determine how optimistic (and happy) we are… Not sure what … Continue reading The 3 P’s of Optimism – How to Tune into Optimism and Happiness


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There is an old saying in business – possibly attributed to marketing and management guru Phillip Kotler from about 30 years ago – that there are three types of companies: those that make things happen; those that watch what’s happening, and those that wonder what happened.

Still true today, and innovative companies and those with aspirations for innovation know which type they should belong to.

Executive Women Australia Surveys

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Please help by completing these surveys and you will have access to the research… Gender & Federal Government survey – complete it here Smarter Salary survey – for those who earn $200K+ only (men and women) complete it here Thank you

Design Thinking makes more money than Traditional Business Management

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Since the GFC businesses and investors have struggled to find consistent ways to achieve double digit returns. You can continue to blame the shakeout that the credit crunch brought down on our heads, or accept that the current tough environment is the new normal. We now have to operate in a world where businesses and governments and media proprietors no longer have control. Everything has been digitised.