Elite Leadership Event – Place in your calendar now

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Total Executive invite you to one of the most exclusive executive leadership events in 2016 – The Elite Leadership Event.

Keynote speakers include…

PAUL PARKER Manchester United and England Player (The importance of having the right people in the organisation) “Paul Parker is without a doubt one of the best signings I have made as a Manchester United manager, and was an integral part of the defence I consider to be best I have ever worked with” – Sir Alex Ferguson. Paul is an author, a Partner and Technical Director for Arsenal Soccer Schools and runs one of the most successful soccer competitions in Asia.

PAUL SMITH Ex Global Head of SCB and Mentor to Elite Athletes (Leadership and Dealing with Change) Paul smith is an expert in helping you create business strategies and processes that help run your business more effectively with more the 30 years’ experience in Leadership and management Paul has helped turn around companies from loss to huge profits. Paul coaches has coached and mentored some of the most elite athletes in Australia including Justin Langer ex Australian Cricketer.

The Best Leaders Are Constant Learners


The Best Leaders Are Constant Learners Education Harold Jarche Kenneth Mikkelsen Seek, sense, share. October 16, 2015 Innovation Six months after Jobs’s death, the author of his best-selling biography identifies the practices that every CEO can try to emulate. The Best Leaders Are Constant Learners EducationDigital Article Harold Jarche Kenneth Mikkelsen Seek, sense, share. October … Continue reading The Best Leaders Are Constant Learners

Technology & Operations


Technology & Operations Harvard Business Review A decision tree demonstrates how one cable company might spot service defectors early. We Say We Want Privacy Online, But Our Actions Say Otherwise Regulation Leslie John Why we don’t protect our data. October 16, 2015 Customers A better way to drive growth and profitability Technology & Operations Harvard … Continue reading Technology & Operations


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Do you know the 6 key methods for building your personal profile via LinkedIn?

What is your professional image? What makes you unique in the marketplace? Prospects, clients, colleagues and potential business partners are seeking you out and using LinkedIn to do it.

When they land on your profile page. Will they find information that supports who you are? If not, it is time to re-think how you are presenting your professional brand online.

How to Make Your Social Media Accounts SECURE – Kim Garst

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One day in 2013, users noticed something awfully fishy about the @BurgerKing Twitter account: The BK logo had mysteriously been swapped out for the McDonald’s logo, and the name of the account had been changed to ‘McDonalds’. In addition, a tweet went out stating that the company had been sold to McDonalds because, “the whopper flopped”.

Peter Strohkorb’s Executive Interview Series: Russell Fox, Head of Business Development & Marketing at Gadens in Melbourne

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Recently, Peter Strohkorb conducted an interview about Sales and Marketing Collaboration and, in particular, about how it can work in professional services firms. View the interview with some interesting insights here …

Peter Strohkorb’s Executive Interview Series: Russell Fox, Head of Business Development & Marketing at Gadens in Melbourne.

As part of my Executive Interview Series I chatted with Russell Fox, Head of Business Development & Marketing at Gadens, a top 10 independent Australian law firm. Russell has enjoyed a distinguished career in both law and accounting firms over a 15+ year period working on two continents, namely Africa and Australia.

3 Habits That Are Keeping You From Producing Breakthrough Results – Elad Guberman

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Steve Jobs! Mark Zuckerberg! Elon Musk! All of them have produced (and, in some cases, are continuing to produce-although Steve has lowered his output a bit) breakthrough results! What must it be like to live in their world, to breathe their rarefied air! Well, here’s the thing. Breakthrough results are not limited to the elite few. You can produce breakthrough results just as well as anyone else. But first, you may need to let go of some of the habits that are holding you back.